Peachtree City Hockey Association


Game & League Rules

PTC HOCKEY play is governed, with minor enhancements, by the playing rules of our sanctioning organization, The Amateur Athletic Union (“AAU”).

AAU Information:

  • AAU Membership: All athletes and non-athletes (coaches, team administrators, etc.) must be current AAU members prior to participating in any activity including practice or try-outs.

  • Heads Up Program: AAU recommends all adults working with youth athletes take the free online course from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) Heads Up program.

  • Concussion Safety: Please be aware that all states have enacted concussion safety laws. In addition, the AAU concussion policy is available by clicking here.

Click here to access the official rules utilized by AAU, Playing rules of USA Roller Sports (“USARS”).

Click here for a copy of the AAU Youth Protection Handbook.

The following rules will apply to Mite games on Friday nights for the 2019/20 season.

  • Mite teams will set up the rink using the bumpers along each of the blue lines.

  • The two teams playing in the last game of the night will be responsible for placing the rink back into the condition it was prior to the first game (i.e. remove bumpers).

  • One team will end up playing two games each Friday night.

  • Games will be played across rink 4 on 4.

  • Players and coaches ONLY will sit on respective home & away benches. NO PARENTS permitted on benches

  • normal 4’x 6’ goals will be used.

  • Players are not permitted to act as a goalie and are will not have goaltender privileges.

  • Three, ten (10) minute, stop clock periods.

  • Score and stats kept as normal.

  • If one team has an eight (8) goal differential the clock will run for the remainder of the game or until the score falls below an eight (8) goal differential.

  • One timeout per game for each team.

  • Two-minute break between periods.

  • Twelve-minute break minimum in between games.

    Mite teams will be re-evaluated after the first half to determine if the full rink will be used for the second half of the season.

Protective Equipment Requirements

*In cases where PHA SOPs are more restrictive than USARS, PHA equipment requirements will apply.

D. Protective Equipment
All Players must wear all protective equipment required by USA Roller Sports (USARS) Rules, including mouthpieces, and proper attire for all practices, PHA Open Stick times, and League Games. Hockey jerseys must cover elbow pads during League Games and in-line pants must cover shin guards during all practices and League Games. All equipment must be left on while on the Players’ bench and on the rink surface, including warm-up and handshake.

Adult League – All Players are required to wear at least half shield face protection.

Recommended equipment for all players is: ·Hip pads, padded hockey pants, chest protection, shoulder pads, and throat protection.

Coaches shall ensure that their Players wear any and all equipment required by USA Roller Sports (USARS) and PHA for all practices and League Games.

The following applies to all Coaches under the age of eighteen (18): While on the rink, must wear helmet (with or without mask). Strongly recommended: shin pads and elbow pads.

USARS Playing Rules (Section 3, Rule 9.5)
Mandatory protective equipment

for players under the age of 18 (and 18 year- olds playing in the 18-and-under age division) includes: HECC approved helmet with helmet- and chin-straps properly fastened, HECC approved full facemask with a chin cup, colored (non-clear) internal mouth guard, gloves designed for hockey, elbow pads, protective cup or pelvic protector, and knee/shin pads designed for hockey.

Mandatory protective equipment for players 18 and older (playing in an 18-and- over division) includes helmet designed for hockey with chin strap fully fastened, gloves designed for hockey, elbow pads, protective cup or pelvic protector, and knee/shin pads designed for hockey. A full facemask is strongly recommended, but not required (see note below.) 

Players 18 and older playing in the 21-and-under Junior Division must wear at minimum a half-shield visor, although a full facemask is strongly recommended.

Note: PTC Hockey REQUIRES all Adult League players to wear at least half shield face protection as specified in Section V(D) of the SOP's

Protective equipment can be purchased at Play It Again Sports / Hudson Plaza in Fayetteville (770-460-7511)