Season format:  PTC Hockey follows a traditional hockey season schedule, PTC Hockey that starts in September 2017 (Practices in August) through May 2018. We will take a few weeks off around the holidays, and will hold an All-Star and skills weekend in early December.  We may also hold some additional events at that time. For those players that normally only play in the fall or spring, you will still be able to play the respective half-season and the fee will be pro-rated accordingly.  All players will have to pay a one-time (per year) Peachtree City User Fee that will be based on residence. 

Youth Registration Ages 8U – 18U

Youth League Cost: 

  • Full Season: $230.00 + Rink User Fee
  • 1/2 Season: $115.00 + Rink User Fee

Adult League Registration

Adult League Cost: 

  • Full Season: $240.00 + Rink User Fee
  • 1/2 Season: $120.00 + Rink User Fee

Co-Ed Open Stick Registration

Co-Ed League Cost:

  • Full/1/2 Season: $50.00 + Rink User Fee

Rink User Fees: Peachtree City resident $15.00, Fayette County out of PTC $30.00, out of Fayette County residents $50.00.
Registration and User Fees are non-refundable.

Payments:All registrants must pay at minimum the half season fee plus the applicable User Fee, at the time of registration. Those paying for only half of the season must complete their payments by January 15, 2018

Adult AAU: Adult players will also be required to have a AAU Membership prior to participating in any practices or games.  PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER WITHOUT THE PTC HOCKEY CLUB CODE OR YOU WILL NOT SHOW UP ON OUR LIST AS COVERED. 

Youth AAU: AAU Membership now included with Youth registration

*New Youth Sibling Discount: We are now providing a $25 off total registration fees for parents with multiple youth players.

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Carla at