Peachtree City Hockey Association
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Registration for the 2019/20 season is Closed

Send an email to with questions

See links below for each registration category.

Season format:  PTC Hockey follows a traditional hockey season schedule that starts in September 2019 (practices start in August) and runs through April 2020. We will take a few weeks off around the holidays, and will hold an All-Star and skills weekend in early December. We may also hold some additional events at that time. For those players that normally only play in the fall or spring, you will still be able to play the respective half-season and the fee will be pro-rated accordingly. All players will have to pay a one-time (per season) Peachtree City User Fee that will be based on residence.

Youth Registration Ages Mite – Midget


Youth League Cost: 

  • Full Season: $230.00 + Rink User Fee + AAU Fee

  • 1/2 Season: $115.00 + Rink User Fee + AAU Fee

Adult League Registration

Adult League Cost: 

  • Full Season: $240.00 + Rink User Fee

  • 1/2 Season: $120.00 + Rink User Fee

  • See below for AAU Adult Fee Detail

Co-Ed Open Stick Registration


Co-Ed League Cost:

  • Full or 1/2 Season: $50.00 + Rink User Fee

  • See below for AAU Adult Fees Detail

Peachtree City Rink User Fees: Peachtree City resident $15.00, Fayette County out of PTC $25.00, out of Fayette County residents $50.00

AAU Youth Fees*: AAU Membership is included with each Youth registration. The fee is $14.00 paid by individual to PTC Hockey as part of registration and paid to AAU by League

AAU Adult Fees*: Adult players are required to be registered with AAU prior to participating in any stick-times or games. The fee is $25.00 plus cost of background check paid by the individual DIRECTLY TO AAU. All adult participants are responsible for registering directly with AAU due to background check requirements. PTC Hockey will NOT collect and pay AAU fees on behalf of adult participants. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER WITHOUT THE PTC HOCKEY CLUB CODE OR YOU WILL NOT SHOW UP ON OUR LIST AS COVERED. 

*Note: AAU Fees referenced above are administered by AAU and are subject to change.

Jersey's for All Returning Midget & Adult Players: All players that played in the Midget and/or any Adult divisions in the 2017/18 or 2018/19 seasons that received a grey and black jersey in either season will NOT receive jersey's for the 2019/20 season. Any returning Midget or Adult players requiring replacement jersey's for the 2019/20 season will be financially responsible for such jersey's. Please note in your registration if you will require replacement jersey's and your account will be updated accordingly. 

Midget players: if you are playing in the Midget and Adult divisions (see SOP’s for eligibility), please register via the Midget link. Once you are registered, e-mail to ask for a code to register for Adult division. Once you get the code you'll be able to register in the Adult division for $50. 

Adult players: if you are playing in the Adult and Over 30 divisions, please register via the Adult link. Once you are registered, e-mail to ask for the code to register for Over 30. Once you get the code you'll be able to register in the Over 30 system for $50. 

Payments: All registrants must pay at minimum the half season fee plus the applicable User Fee and AAU fee at the time of registration. Those paying in full or for the first half only must be paid prior to the first game of the first half. Anybody with an outstanding balance at the start of the second half, including people playing in the second half only, must be paid in full before the first game of the second half. All fees paid are non-refundable.

Youth Sibling Discount: We offer $25 off total registration fees for parents with multiple youth players.

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Leslie at