Peachtree City Hockey Association


​Helpful resources for Peachtree City Hockey Association Coaches

AAU Positive Coaching Alliance

Whether or not you have completed your required Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® Online Course, available FREE to you as a benefit of the AAU-PCA National Partnership, we hope you will use ALL of PCA's free resources, including:

Momentum, PCA's bi-weekly newsletter filled with the latest news, views, videos, information and inspiration from the PCA movement to develop "Better Athletes, Better People" by providing a positive, character-building youth sports experience

Talking Points, a series of weekly e-mails that provides key topics and points for coaches to discuss with their players, plus video commentary from PCA National Advisory Board Members, such as Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, Shane Battier, Tara VanDerveer, Herm Edwards and Dusty Baker.

Tools For Coaches, a webpage with links to downloadable resources, such as a Parent Meeting Agenda and sample scripts to help your players learn a Mistake Ritual, how to Honor the Game and many other techniques to get the most from your players while helping them get the most from their AAU youth sports experience.